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a glimmer of optimism in a degraded world of work

by archyw

The documentary of Arte Long live the work! gives the floor to eight professionals, men and women met before the pandemic, to draw a landscape of the world of work in Europe. A panorama, sometimes surprising, often edifying, which comes in two parts: “An eternal struggle” and “And the human in all this? “.

We walk on the platforms of the Paris metro in the footsteps of Raphaël, originally from Cameroon, holder of an audiovisual technician diploma, who welcomes users and brightens their journey. We get on Franck’s bus, which crisscrosses Germany to meet job seekers to help them face the administrative opacity. We follow Lise’s tractor, who became a farmer after a professional disillusionment as an agronomist.

Protagonists bursting with humanity in an inhuman world of work

Beautiful souls, who give without counting to others, and whose professional career has been, at one time or another, strewn with pitfalls: racial or gender discrimination, chain of precarious contracts, violated labor rights, loss meaning at work …

The interest of this documentary is also that it highlights these slices of life to draw lessons on the world of work today. To understand how he ignites or crushes individuals. Several researchers, economists, sociologists, philosophers, intervene in dotted lines to comment on this or that situation.

Solutions for the work of tomorrow

And ask THE right questions. Can the sense of usefulness experienced in doing one’s job compensate for a low salary? How to achieve social integration when you do not have a job? Can you be a happy employee when you are a precarious employee? Could solidarity one day take precedence over profitability in the world of work?

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Despite the harshness of the themes evoked and the difficulties experienced by each one, a message of optimism emerges from this luminous documentary which restores faith in humanity and outlines solutions for the “next world”.

“Long live the work! », By Marianne Lère, available until 23 October 2021 on the Arte site

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