a golden opportunity for Bobigny against Reims?

Thursday February 13, 2020 16:00 – Article written by La Rdaction – Comment this article

Bobigny: enjoy the match between Sedan and Bastia

For Bobigny, this day of the championship is a great opportunity to show himself as a serious contender for the climb. If Sedan or Bastia are defeated, 3rd in the standings could fall to 3 points behind the loser. While in the event of a draw, Bobigny would keep his chances by being 4 points behind the two front behemoths. Obviously, this is conditioned on a victory against the reserve of Reims.

Reims: a team not to be underestimated?

However, before focusing on Sedan and Bastia, Bobigny must remain focused on his meeting against the reserve of Reims. A match that may not prove to be easy since the 4th has not lost a match since October. It is slightly the same situation for Bobigny who has not known defeat since November and this match against Bastia lost 1-2. To keep a chance to climb, the 3rd will have to break the series of Reims.

National Ranking 2 Group A

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