A great prize is now enticing for founders in Braunschweig

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A great prize is now enticing for founders in Braunschweig

Updated: 04/16/2022, 07:00

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Ingo Lippmann (right), board member of Braunschweigische Landessparkasse, and Gerold Leppa, managing director of Braunschweig Zukunft GmbH, once again award the Braunschweig start-up prize, which is endowed with a total of 10,000 euros.

Photo: Braunschweig Zukunft GmbH/Philipp Ziebart

Passionate encouragers are needed for everyone who also wants to take the step into self-employment.

founders and founder can register until May 31st Founding Award Braunschweig 2022 apply. the Braunschweig State Savings Bank and the Braunschweig future GmbH are awarding the prize for the seventh time to young companies whose success encourages women and men Mutmacher for everyone who also wants to take the step into self-employment.

According to the Braunschweig Zukunft GmbH press release, the price is a total of 10.000 Euro endowed. “Especially in economically challenging times, those who want to start a business need role modelswho show with their success that you can come up with fresh and innovative ideas business models can help shape the economy of the future.” Gerold LeppaManaging Director of Braunschweig Zukunft GmbH.

The personal experiences and stories of the founders are also included in the evaluation

Next to the business idea and the successful development of the company, the personal experiences of the founders are also included in the evaluation. “More diverse in Braunschweig founding scene there are always impressive founding stories. We look forward to many exciting applications,” says Leppa.

“In addition to a large portion of courage, there is also a great deal in every start-up Passion and heart blood. through the Pandemic young entrepreneurs were given a first test very early on. There were staying power and flexibility asked. We would like to appreciate that and present it as an encouraging sign,” says Ingo Lippmann, board member of the Braunschweigische Landessparkasse.

Companies from all sectors that were founded between January 1, 2018 and December 31, 2020 and have their legal place of business in Braunschweig to have. Application deadline is May 31st.

In addition to prize money of 10,000 euros, there are also media services worth 15,000 euros

A jury consisting of representatives of the Braunschweigische Landessparkasse, Braunschweig Zukunft GmbH, the NBankfrom employers’ association in the Braunschweig regionthe TU Braunschweig and Kreativrausch GmbH, selects the winners from the applications received.

In addition to prize money totaling 10,000 euros, the winners will receive media services from the company Ströer Media worth a total of 15,000 euros.

The application form and further information at:

Braunschweig Zukunft GmbH will answer questions about the Braunschweig start-up award by telephone on 0531 470-34 52 or by e-mail to [email protected]

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