An Italian shepherd is used to seeing black sheep in the litters of his animals, but he never suspected that he would one day meet a puppy … green!

Although rather rare, Pistacchio’s green complexion is the result of a chemical mixture between biliverdin, a green pigmentation found in bile, and amniotic fluid from the placenta.

Thus, the composition dyes the coat of the puppy when it touches his coat. Although Pistacchio was born green in color, he will eventually return to his normal color as the makeup fades.

This case is not unique in the world. In January, a German Shepherd in North Carolina, United States, also gave birth to a colorful puppy. The latter had been named the Hulk.

And then a similar situation arose in 2017 in Scotland when a golden retriever had also given birth to a green colored puppy.

If his siblings have been adopted, Pistacchio will remain with the Mallocci family who have chosen to keep him.


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