Welcome to the summer of LeBron, where we are speculating from across the Internet to find out where the living legend will next play basketball. There is something about NBA Twitter that has made us all detectives. We look for signs in the strangest places to give us a clue as to whether a player sings somewhere new. Has the player not reached his current team? Great sign. Has the third cousin of the player three weeks ago in a post "Go Clippers!" Great sign. We take everything we can get and we run with it.

This is especially important in a summer like this, when we wait for needles to see where LeBron James will play basketball.

How have these LeBron messages broken in the past?

2010: The decision

LeBron had one-hour Special on ESPN to announce his future. On message boards and the like, James, Dwyane Wade, and Chris Bosh signed a pact at the 2008 Olympics to unite. We love this kind of detective work.

2014: I'm coming home

LeBron announced about Sports Illustrated, but before that we had signs. To be honest, Caroline's Cupcakes was our most legitimate reporter. She essentially interrupted the news that LeBron was returning home, and she was right.

LeBron's real announcements never came from a random Twitter account of a guy he knew in third grade. They come from LeBron itself. Mav Carter will not like a tweet that gives us a hint. But that does not mean that we can not try to connect our own points. So let's resolve the plots around this year's decision.

The pastor

MyRon is a pastor in Cleveland who claims to have taken LeBron to heart. He predicted that James would return in 2014 and now believes he knows that LeBron will stay.

Do we believe it? 3.10

I have never heard of LeBron even though I was in church. This one is low.

Cuffs The legend

Cuffs is a friend of LeBron and also a coach in Cleveland. In 2014, he published a picture of LeBron's Cavs jersey in his son's closet, hinting that he knew LeBron would return to Ohio. He is I have already hinted at this hereand proved that he knew the decision in advance.

Now Cuffs clearly thinks that LeBron is going to Los Angeles.

Do we believe it? 8.10

Honestly, LeBron follows this guy on Twitter. They are friends. He may not be "Decision Cave", but I think the guy has an idea of ​​what's going on.

The private jets

Okay, these private jets are getting tricky. Who is actually on these levels? We never know. But the tracking is legitimate. A real plane makes a trip on this route. It's definitely someone in LeBron, if not LeBron himself.

Do we believe it? 10.7

We've been following them before and there is something true for them. The location in Los Angeles is pretty interesting. Has Bron left the decision cave?

Safety at LeBron

Do we believe that? 4.10

Sure, surveillance cameras could be set up at LeBron for a million reasons. He destroyed his house terribly before it was associated with any "decision", so that does not mean much. Security makes sense, considering that his house is put on alert with so much speculation about him. I do not think that this points me to a particular team.

We will keep this up to date as more rumors arrive and let me know what great tips you will see there on the World Wide Web.


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