A student of the 10th grade of gymnasium No. 622 in St. Petersburg, Leonid Shaidurov, created the “Student” trade union, reports TJournal. After that, his mother was called to the director and was told that “the boy is going the wrong way” and the family should take the documents from the school.

Shaidurov told TJournal that he first held several informal meetings of the future trade union, after which 30-40 people joined him. The organization was named "Pupil".

Among its requirements is not more than three control, independent or verification work per day and the presence in the schedule of no more than two identical lessons in a row. Shaidurov claims that these rules in the gymnasium are regularly violated. Members of the organization also spoke in favor of mitigating the attitude of school management to the appearance of students, in particular, to earrings and hair color. At the same time, they supported the preservation of school uniforms.

After the first official meeting of the “Pupil”, Shaidurov was summoned to the director. According to him, she threatened that she would write a statement to the prosecutor’s office on the schoolchildren, “hand over to a mental hospital,” and Shaidurov would work as a janitor. Also, the director called Shaidurov’s mother – a teacher who works in the same gymnasium – asked to pick up the documents and transfer him to another school.

In the TJournal school itself, it was confirmed that Shaidurov is studying there, however, they refused from further comments and redirected to the press service of the administration of the Vyborg district. They could not promptly comment on the situation.

Shaidurov continues to study in this gymnasium. After what happened in the plans of the trade union there were strikes with the suspension of training activities. For this, according to the student, the union will need the support of teachers, which is not yet available. Shaidurov also explained that initially the union members did not plan to resort to such methods, but the reaction of the gymnasium administration to the creation of the organization forced them to “act differently”.

Shaidurov hopes that union representation will be established in other schools. Now in the "student" is 170 students 622 gymnasiums. Shkolnik expects that the number of participants in the future will grow to 600-700 people.



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