A healthy diet, active life and physical exercise are the “best recipes” to prevent osteoporosis


A healthy diet, active life and physical exercise are the “best recipes” to prevent osteoporosis, a bone disease in which there is a decrease in bone mass density that leads to greater bone fragility, even to occur spontaneous fractures, without a previous blow or impact, according to what has been assured by the Rheumatology Service of the General University Hospital of Villalba.

“Some of the main causes linked to osteoporosis cannot be modified, such as age, which is associated with an inevitable loss of bone quality, or gender, since this disease is more frequent in women for a hormonal reason, especially from menopause, which causes accelerated bone loss “, explained the specialist of the aforementioned service, Almudena Román. However, he adds, there are behaviors and habits that are in our power to prevent their appearance and prevent their development, modifying and taking care of our lifestyle.

Thus, it is essential to lead a healthy life, eliminating toxins such as tobacco or alcohol, since it is known that smokers have a higher risk of developing osteoporosis, says the rheumatologist; but also maintain a balanced diet, in the style of the Mediterranean diet.

“The recommended is an intake of a daily gram of calcium. In contrast to popular belief, which identifies milk and its derivatives as the main source of calcium, there are many other foods that have a large contribution of calcium and can provide the necessary amount to a correct health of our bones: vegetables, such as spinach, broccoli or chard; legumes, such as chickpeas; fish or nuts, such as almonds or walnuts “, the expert has detailed.

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In addition, it has highlighted the importance of taking care of vitamin D levels with adequate sun exposure, leading an active life and exercising regularly. “It does not have to be an intense exercise nor is it necessary to go to the gym. One of the most beneficial activities for the generation of bone is something as simple as walking. And the bone is alive; it is constantly being formed and destroyed, and walking is the main stimulus for their training “, emphasized the rheumatologist.

However, the fact that osteoporosis is a painless and asymptomatic disease means that it is often identified when it is too late and a fracture has occurred. “The ideal thing would be to be able to identify which patient is at risk and try to prevent it from developing,” said Román.

To do this, in the event of a fall with a fracture, he has advised to carry out a complete study, and, although he recognizes the difficulty of this strategy, in those patients who take a drug that can promote osteoporosis, be especially vigilant. “Now the doctors are very aware and when there is a patient at risk in Primary Care they refer them to us so that we can carry out a complete evaluation,” he pointed out.

In this sense, the specialists handle three basic tests: the analytical to know the values ​​of calcium, phosphorus, magnesium or hormones that indicate how the bone is; densitometry to calculate the amount of bone in the patient; and radiology to identify fractures that may go unnoticed, especially in the back.

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Three pillars that, together with a correct anamnesis of the patient in which all the other potentially associated factors are well evaluated, serve to make a complete diagnosis, determine the risk of the patient and determine if he is a candidate for treatment.