a homeless person wins 500,000 euros in scratch cards

The man in his twenties thought he had won only 25 euros when the tobacconist told him the good news! He had a one in six million chance of winning the jackpot.

This young man, homeless, was well known in his neighborhood, because he sometimes sold a few cigarettes to make some money. This Saturday, November 20, luck turned for the latter since he won the sum of 500,000 euros thanks to a scratch ticket from La Française des Jeux.

He thought he had won 25 euros

It is our colleagues from Midi Libre who relays this story which seems to have come out of a book! The young man often wandered on the Cours Gambetta near the Place de la Comédie in downtown Montpellier. This Saturday, November 20, he came in to buy some scratch cards in a bar-tobacco.

He then scratches a first ticket of the game x20 and, to his delight, thinks he has won 25 euros. He shows the ticket to the saleswoman who, passing it through the machine which validates the winnings, notices that the young man has in fact won 500,000 euros!

He runs away for fear of theft

Upon hearing the news, the young man reportedly began to panic and fled with his winning ticket for fear that it would be stolen from him. The lucky winner must now present himself as soon as possible to the Française des Jeux to recover his winnings. As for many winners of large gains, it should be the subject of support for the adviser in the management of this amount. According to a relative of the young man, his first purchase will certainly be a home.

According to the Française des Jeux, the X20 game has only two winning tickets at 500,000 euros out of the 6 million published.