A horrific scene of a woman escaping from rape to death..a crime that breaks the hearts of Yemenis

An unfortunate crime that broke the hearts of Yemenis. A public transport bus driver kidnapped a girl while she was riding with him in a street in Yarim Governorate, Yemen, to commit a crime of harassment and attempted rape against the girl who threw herself off the bus as a result of her fear to preserve her honor, but she died instantly. After she offered her life as the price for her chastity, and wrote the most wonderful epics of sacrifice in order to preserve her honor.

A horrific moment of rape awe

And one of the cameras monitored scenes recorded by a video about the moment the woman jumped from the bus at her speed on a street last Sunday, June 19, igniting the anger of Yemenis on social media, to the publications and comments condemning this crime that broke consciences and hearts, explaining that her suicide incident in this way The horrific result of her bereavement of the dread of rape and the realization of its consequences for her future and her family’s reputation led her in a harrowing moment to sacrifice her life.

public opinion case

Jurists and media professionals considered this crime a major tragedy, a flagrant violation of society, a destruction of the dignity of a people, and a public assassination of the values ​​of virtue. For her honor, a cause of public opinion, and they described her as a martyr of honor and chastity, a woman who raises the head of an entire tribe and country.

Video of the moment the girl jumped

According to eyewitnesses, they confirmed to Al, citing testimonies from security sources, that the crime, according to the circulated videos documenting the moment it jumped and hit the ground, took place in Yarim before the Maghrib call to prayer, when one of the drivers of the minibus buses inside the city took advantage of a woman who rode with him. To reach her home, and after she got up and traveled a short distance, she was surprised by the driver who began to harass her, trying to seclude her in a place far from her destination, which prompted her to jump off the moving bus quickly, and she hit her body hard and she died instantly.

A common picture of a bus driver

A common picture of a bus driver

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Surveillance camera reveals the identity of the criminal

In their testimonies, media professionals stated to Al that the perpetrator quickly returned to his home after his crime, and emptied the air from the wheels of the bus to suggest that it was broken. The security cameras in the shops located on the street to reveal the details of the crime, and the bus, its color and type, has already been determined, and as a result the identity of the criminal was determined, so I went to arrest him, and upon reaching his village, they found the bus standing in front of his house, and he was dragged as a crime tool to the custody of the Security Department While the driver tried to hide, he spent the night in an abandoned house inside the village, until some people reported him, so he was arrested and investigations began.

A woman who made the glory of a tribe and a country

According to the activists’ comments, the woman’s story became the talk of the people on communication after she wrote a heroism fraught with her righteous upbringing to strike lessons in preserving honor that broadcast the finest meanings of upholding dignity, so she made glory to the tribe, the region and the entire country.

Ali Yahya said: “It must be condemned and alerted, and if it is not deterred and stopped, it will be repeated, and we see and hear things that are more painful and tragic than this crime.” .