A hot week begins, Wednesday 9th city with red dot – Chronicle

New wave of exceptional heat, with the beginning of the week the African anticyclone will become stronger and stronger so as to reach record temperatures in many cities and with maximum values ​​close to or just above 40 ° C in the plains. These are the forecasts of Antonio Sanò, director and founder of the site who warns how “these weather conditions could accompany us until almost the end of the month, in a sort of anticyclonic block with high pressure well planted on central Europe – southern “.

For the next seven days the sun will prevail and the sky will be practically clear over all regions. To report only occasional and isolated short showers or rapid heat storms along the Alpine borders (especially in Alto Adige, in Val Pusteria) and more rarely in the central Apennines (especially in Abruzzo). But temperatures will be the protagonists of what “will most likely be the hottest week of this year. The maximum values, starting from Wednesday 20 and at least until the weekend of 23 and 24 July, are expected to continuously and steadily increase. with peaks of 39-41 ° C in cities such as Milan, Pavia, Bologna, Ferrara, Padua, Florence, Bologna. At night temperatures at least until 11pm will reach 30 ° C in many cities in the North and in Tuscany “.

“The most alarming data concerns rainfall – adds the expert – in fact, no significant disturbances or thunderstorm breaks are expected practically until the end of the month. A truly worrying situation given the drought”. In detail: Monday 18th. In the north: prevailing sun. Center: afternoon thunderstorm blocks on the Abruzzo, Lazio and Molise hills. In the south: some thunderstorms between Potenza and Cosentino, sun elsewhere. Tuesday 19. In the north: sun and heat. Center: largely sunny. In the south: practically clear skies. Wednesday 20. In the north: lots of sun and intense heat. Center: prevailing sun and intensifying hot. South: sunny.


Today and tomorrow 5 cities with red labels, high risk of heat waves: they are Bolzano, Brescia, Florence, Latina, Perugia.

Wednesday will be nine, to the previous ones are added Bologna, Genoa, Rieti and Rome. This is the Ministry of Health’s heat wave bulletin for 27 cities.

As the heat progresses, the cities marked with the orange dot will also increase in the coming days. Today there are 5, tomorrow there will be nine, Wednesday seven when, however, 5 cities will pass in the red. Instead Bari, Naples and Reggio Calabria will remain with the green sticker until Wednesday.