“A House without Cancer” educates Alexandria University students about ways to prevent the disease


Thanks for reading Now we start with the details Cairo – By Mohammed Salah – Sunday, 29 Rajab 1439 05:50 PM – The “Cancer-free Home” campaign launched by the Children’s Cancer Hospital 57357 organized an awareness campaign on the prevention of cancer and its causes among Alexandria University students. The Department of Public Universities in the institution of 57357 for three days and a campaign to raise awareness of the University of Alexandria and participated a large number of students awareness programs, which included information on the causes of cancer and how to prevent them and how to follow healthy habits in our daily lives, as well as the role of hospital 57357 and ways to participate In a journey to treat our children from cancer. The aim of this campaign is to spread awareness of the importance of prevention of cancer causes. Based on the adoption of hospital 57357 on the scientific research to raise the recovery rates for children with cancer and to reduce the incidence of the disease and protect the community from the causes of cancer through awareness campaigns to spread awareness of the importance of community prevention of pathogens through visits University Working Group.

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