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(CNN) — A woman in Virginia was delighted when a large black bear decided to take a nap in a children’s pool in her backyard.

Regina Keller has taken photos of wildlife in her backyard for 12 years.

Her home is remote and located in the George Washington National Forest in Fort Valley, Virginia, so she’s used to a variety of furry visitors, including deer, bear, fox, and squirrel.

On July 19 the woman watered her flowers when a large male bear entered her yard.


“This was the largest I have seen this year,” Keller told CNN.

As the bear walked, she recognized him and realized she hadn’t seen him in her yard in two years.

“He walked around the backyard … walked to the pool and dipped his big paw in the water … then got up and went to bed. He seemed so happy and refreshed. “

He said he retired to a chair by the door of his house just to watch him. The bear remained in the pool relaxing and taking a nap for about an hour before he was chased away by the sound of his grandchildren arriving with their dogs.

“It was good to see him and have my camera with me to capture him,” he said.

CNN’s Alisha Ebrahimji contributed to this report.



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