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"a huge mistake", for Donald Trump

Iran shot down an American drone it thought was in its airspace, provoking a strong reaction from the US president. "Iran made a huge mistake!"launched a laconic and threatening tweet, the tenant of the White House in a climate of growing tensions between Tehran and Washington.

Later, however, the US president spoke of the hypothesis of human error. "I feel it was a mistake made by someone who should not have"said Mr Trump from the Oval Office. "I can not believe it was deliberate", he added.

Iran wants to challenge the UN

According to the Guardians of the Revolution, the Islamic Republic of Iran's ideological army, a Global Hawk drone, was shot down at 4:05 am by a missile over the Arabian Sea after violating Iran's airspace. He took off Wednesday at 19:44 GMT from an American base on "the south shore of the Persian Gulf", "extinguishes all its reconnaissance devices", passed the Strait of Hormuz and headed east towards the Iranian port of Chabahar, they said. According to the Guardians, the aircraft was shot down after returning from its mission in the coastal area near Bandar-e Jask.

Iran intends to bring the case "before the UN" to demonstrate that the United States lies and assaulted the Islamic Republic, announced the Minister of Foreign Affairs. "We will bring this new aggression in front of the UN and show that the United States lies" when they say that the drone was above international waters, wrote on Twitter Mohammad Javad Zarif.

34 kilometers from the Iranian coast

The United States confirmed that Iranian forces had shot down a US Navy surveillance drone but assured it was "in international airspace" and denounced a "wrongful attack". According to US General Joseph Guastella, head of the US Central Command air force, the US drone was 34 km off the Iranian coast when it was shot down by Iran. The Global Hawk drone "did not violate Iranian airspace at any time during his mission"he assured.

According to the US Central Command, the drone was shot down by an Iranian surface-to-air missile over the Strait of Hormuz. The Strait is a strategic gateway to the world's supply of oil, near which two tankers were attacked on June 13, about a month after sabotage against four ships including three oil tankers at the entrance to the Gulf. The United States has blamed these attacks, which have not been claimed, on Iran. One of the two ships attacked on June 13 was hit by a suction mine "similar to those used by Iran", assured the US Navy.

Despite repeated claims by the United States and Iran that they are not looking for war, the escalation and escalation of incidents in the Gulf region is raising fears that a spark will ignite the powder.

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The violation of the Iranian borders is the "Red line" not to cross, warned Major General Hossein Salami, commander-in-chief of the Guardians. "Our reaction is, and will be, categorical and absolute". "We protest against all the provocative steps that undermine the territorial integrity of our country", said the spokesman of the Iranian diplomacy Abbas Mousavi, warning that "the responsibility for the possible consequences of these actions will fall entirely on the aggressors". No image of the destroyed aircraft was published by the Iranian media.

Tehran denied any implication and hinted that the June 13 attacks could be a US coup to justify the use of force against Iran. After the US president's tweet Thursday, oil prices jumped. Already up, the barrel of WTI, reference to New York, has increased its growth after the publication of the message of Donald Trump. It was evolving around 16H15 GMT to 57.10 dollars, up 6.2%. In London, the barrel of Brent flew 4.19% to 64.41 dollars after taking up to 4.8%.

Russian President Vladimir Putin warned against a possible US resort to force against Iran, saying it would be "a disaster" for the region. On Wednesday, German Foreign Minister Heiko Maas said the risk of war in the Gulf has not been ruled out. According to Paris, Emmanuel Macron's diplomatic adviser, Emmanuel Bonne, made a quick visit to Iran on Wednesday "to contribute to a de-escalation of tensions". These have been mounting since the US president decided in May 2018 to withdraw his country from the international nuclear deal reached in Vienna in 2015, and to restore tough sanctions against Tehran. The United States has just further strengthened its military posture in the Middle East after Iran announced that its low-enriched uranium reserves would soon rise above the limit set by the Vienna agreement.


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