New development of Novosibirsk scientists based on human DNA is able to save children from paralysis and other complications of the flu.

Every year, several million people around the world get sick with the flu virus. Up to half a million patients die due to complications in the body caused by the disease. The most common way to fight the disease is vaccination. However, currently existing vaccines, developed on the basis of chicken embryos, are quite expensive to manufacture, which slows down the progress of this type of medicine.

A new word in the development of flu vaccines was decided by the scientists of Novosibirsk. Together with colleagues from St. Petersburg, Novosibirsk biochemists are engaged in the development of a new flu vaccine based on human DNA. According to scientists, there is nothing wrong with such a “ground” for development – vaccines against many types of hepatitis are developed based on human DNA obtained from the smallest particles of the human body: microscopic pieces of skin, hair, etc.

The main feature of such a vaccine is that, being developed on the basis of human DNA, it is guaranteed that it will be better to take into account the specifics of the human body when fighting a virus. A recent case, when a five-year-old boy in the USA was paralyzed after a normal flu, will become an endangered rarity.



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