A hundred d'members leaves LREM in front of the “contempt” and l'”arrogance”

A hundred d'members leaves LREM in front of the “contempt” and l'”arrogance”


U ne hundred members of power up!, at the time where Emmanuel Macron has created, have announced Tuesday, November 14, in a forum that they claquaient the door, failing to find “democracy” and “ethics”, provoking reactions rather ironic within the movement.

Revealed by franceinfo, the text of which the signatories remain anonymous until Friday, the eve of the “Council” of The Republic in march, which should support the arrival of Christophe Castaner, at its head, was prepared at the initiative of a group, “The Walkers of the Republic”, former “Walkers angry,” assured AFP one of its facilitators. “Between the game of the statutes, the opacity of the instances, the lottery of the draw for those who do account for only a quarter of the vote in the national Council (…) the shots at the pigeons on the social networks, the balls to the prisoner on the loops of communication telegram, we, for our part enough to play in the political experimentation In the market”, they write.

“There has been a campaign party”

One of their “disappointment” lies in the choice to proceed with what they call the “rite of Christophe Castaner”, the only candidate to lead the party through a vote by show of hands and not by secret ballot. Referring to “a mode of organization that is worthy of the Old regime”, the runners find that “under the weight of the process marketing, #loveLaRem, #LoveLaTeamMacron, the pillars of democracy have collapsed, resulting in their fall, the passion and the motivation of the walkers.”

they insist They cannot “not continue within a movement or party without a line of policy that has not been able to rely on the pillars of democracy, and who denied with arrogance and contempt for the intelligence of the people”. It is “a good sign” in terms of democracy, said a source LREM Tuesday. These runners are made up to “80%” of the legislative candidates who have not obtained the investiture, relève-t-on.

And again : the start of the “100 members, it is always annoying, but after that, adhere to running!, it was a click at the time”. “There has been a campaign party, it has conducted a presidential campaign crazy, a campaign law in a rhythm, too fabulous,” has tried to explain the mp Laetitia Avia, a candidate for the executive office of LREM. She acknowledged a “period () decrease in activity” so that”it was necessary to meet the expectations of our walkers, that is to say, to continue the lift of ideas, to continue the collective construction”.

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