a hundred people gathered in solidarity with the Iranian people

This Saturday, October 1, demonstrators made their voices heard and expressed their solidarity with the Iranians, place de la Liberation in Dijon. Some call for the expulsion of the Iranian ambassador from France.

As the days go by, the mobilization is gaining momentum. First in Iran and now in many cities around the world. This Saturday 1is October, from 2 p.m., a hundred people gathered in Dijon “in solidarity“with the Iranian population, these”brave people who sing freedom in the streets and who only want democracy and secularism for Iran“.

Place de la Liberation, one of the demonstrators, Iranian, explains: “We demonstrate all over the world to ask Western governments, including the French government, to end their relations with the Islamic terrorists who govern our country.“She particularly wants the expulsion of the Iranian ambassador to France.

Since mid-September, the country has been experiencing high tensions after the arrest by the vice police of Mahsa Amini, a 22-year-old Iranian woman who did not wear her hijab correctly, according to the Islamic dress code. Two days after being taken to “a rehabilitation session“, the young woman died in the hospital.

This news angered many Iranian women, who were quickly supported by the men. Monster uprisings then took place in the streets of the main cities of the country, the demonstrators demanding justice and questioning the policies put in place under the Islamic Republic of Iran. In two weeks, the NGO Iran Human Rights indicates that 83 people have been killed.

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