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a hungry white bear spotted more than 800 km from its traditional habitat

The animal was seen looking for food in dumpsters on the outskirts of Norilsk town in eastern Siberia.

The images of the animal have been around social networks in Russia. A hungry polar bear has been spotted on the outskirts of the industrial city of Norilsk (eastern Siberia) in the Russian Arctic, looking for food in dumpsters, more than 800 kilometers from its traditional habitat the local authorities said Tuesday, June 18.

It was first sighted Sunday night in the industrial area of ​​Talmakh, northeast of Norilsk, told AFP a local manager of environmental services. "He is still moving around a factory, under the control of police and emergency services who ensure his safety and that of the inhabitants", he said.

A team of specialists will arrive Wednesday in this city beyond the Arctic Circle to inspect the animal and make a decision on his fate. Polar bear foraging is increasing in northern Russia as their habitat and food are degraded by climate change and sea ice melting.

It is rare, however, for Norilsk residents to spot a polar bear several hundred kilometers from the pack ice. Polar bears are recognized as endangered species and their hunting is banned in Russia.

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