A husband documents his training for his wife to drive a car on King’s Road in Jeddah • Al Marsad Newspaper

Al-Marsad Newspaper: A video clip documented a husband training his wife to drive a car on King’s Road in Jeddah.

And he heard in the video, the husband saying to his wife, “Screw the gas.. Do you understand the work? I mean, I will give you a test to look in front of you, and you do not look either to the right or to the left.”

According to the video, the wife stopped suddenly, which caused her husband’s mobile phone to fall and hit the car mirror, so he told her, “Rinse, cow manager. The mobile phone fell and hit the mirror.”

And the husband continued to direct his wife while she was driving, telling her: “Go.. calm down.. walk. Come on, honesty. Don’t be nervous.”

And the husband continued his conversation with his wife, saying: “The first thing you do when you turn to the right, you look in the mirror.. Ring the right signal without turning your back.”

And he continued: “I’m tired, I’m afraid, I’m not tired, I’m not tired. By God, the road is not crowded.. Ring the right sign and be careful.”