A joint military exercise between Russia and Belarus is to take place in February – ČT24 – Czech Television

“We planned to start the maneuvers in February. Decide on the exact date and inform us that we will not be accused of sending soldiers here out of nowhere and that we are preparing for war, “Lukashenko quoted after hearing the news of preparations for joint Belarusian-Russian maneuvers.

The maneuvers will take place in the west on the borders with Poland and Lithuania, and in the south, where the country borders Ukraine. According to Lukashenko, the purpose of the exercise is to draw up a plan for a military confrontation with neighboring states.

The Belarusian leader claims that maneuvers are necessary because Ukrainians allegedly concentrate military units near his country, Reuters reports. Lukashenko also reported that Poland and the Baltic countries had more than 30,000 troops on the border.

Ukraine is strengthening its military presence at the border, fearing a Russian invasion in response to a concentration of Russian troops. Poland and the Baltics sent forces to the border after the Lukashenko regime allowed thousands of migrants, mostly from Iraq, to ​​fly to Minsk and then travel to the border with the European Union.

Tensions between the West and Russia

Information about the military exercise comes at a time of unprecedented tension between the West and Russia, which has recently been concentrating its troops on the border with Ukraine. Among other things, Moscow is demanding that NATO commit itself not to accept Ukraine as a member of the Alliance. Kiev claims that the Kremlin is preparing for a possible invasion of Ukraine, which Moscow denies.

Russia sees Belarus, a country bordering both NATO and Ukraine, as a strategically important buffer in the West and has helped Lukashenko stay in power with loans and political support during the crackdown on major protests since last year’s presidential election. Formally, Russia and Belarus have formed a union since 1999.