A Kansas bitch disappeared for days. Turns out, she had traveled to her previous home … 90 kilometers away

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(CNN) — After Cleo, a 4-year-old Labrador bitch, went missing, her owners found her in a place they didn’t expect: at home.

Except that it was the family’s previous home in Lawson, Missouri, rather than their current home in Olathe, Kansas.

The family had not lived in their Kansas home for nearly two years, but Cleo returned to her porch, where the new owner found her.

“My wife and I had just come home from work,” Colton Michael, the new owner of the house, told CNN. “Cleo was lying on the front door porch, just lying there, she seemed to be waiting for someone.”

Cleo was not wearing a necklace, but she was too well groomed to be lost, Michael thought, so she took the animal to be scanned for a microchip. Fortunately she had one and got the name of its owner.

“It was then that my wife pointed out that her last name was the same last name as the previous owner of the house,” said Michael.

So he went into Facebook and searched for the owner’s name and saw that his family had posted that his dog had disappeared a week earlier.

“I told him we found his dog, but once I told him where we were, he was speechless,” Michael recalled.

From door to door, Cleo would have had to travel 91 kilometers (about 57 miles) from her current home in Kansas to her previous home in Missouri, according to CNN affiliate KMBC. And none of the families knows how he made the trip, considering the fact that he would have had to cross a river or a busy bridge to get home.

But no matter how or why he made the trip, its owner said he is glad he found it.

“It just feels great to meet her,” Drew, the owner of Cleo, told KMBC. “She really is everything to us.”



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