The Landes Assize Court sentenced a 42-year-old man to life imprisonment.

Guillaume Dautremont, a 42-year-old Landes father, was sentenced to life imprisonment on Wednesday 13 February for the murder of his partner and their 18-month-old baby in March 2016, reports France Bleu Gascogne.

Guillaume Dautremont appeared before the Landes assize court in Mont-de-Marsan for having killed his partner, Élodie, and their 18-month-old baby, Méloé, to death. He then fled to his best friend's house, beat her up and left for dead, before going to his mother's house and attempting to strangle her.

After six days of hearings and after three hours of deliberations, the jurors delivered a verdict in accordance with the submissions of the Advocate General who had not requested a security penalty. The law provides for a minimum of 18 years in prison in this case.

Defense counsel had asked that the alteration of judgment at the time of the facts be retained, synonymous with a lighter sentence. The Assize Court of Landes did not retain the alteration of discernment. Guillaume Dautremont is considered fully responsible for his actions because he took drugs voluntarily before the tragedy.

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