A large fish swam through the garden after Hurricane Ian. A shark, the locals believe

The video caused an uproar online, but many believed it to be a fake, similar to when a photo of a shark swimming down a highway in Texas went viral the year after Hurricane Harvey. However, the AP agency confirmed the authenticity of the recording.

Even if the recording is genuine, it is not clear what Cameratta actually recorded. “I don’t know what it was. It looked like a big fish or something,” Cameratta said, adding that when he “zoomed in” on the floating object, all his friends knew it was a shark.

The supposed shark was supposed to be around one meter in length. However, the record is not very detailed, so experts cannot accurately identify the animal. George Burgess, former director of the Florida Museum of Natural History, said it could be a juvenile shark, while Dr. Neil Hammerschlag, director of the Shark Conservation Program at the University of Miami, wrote that “it’s pretty hard to say.”

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The recording was taken at a time when the flooding had just started and the water had flowed out of a small lake nearby, which serves as a retention tank. Sharks or large fish do not live in it, but the animal could have gotten there from the sea.

“Juvenile great whites are common inhabitants of low-salinity waters — rivers, estuaries, subtropical bays — and often appear in similar videos in Florida’s marine-connected bodies of water, such as coastal channels and ponds,” Burgess said.