a large gas leak has just been detected

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Work was underway in front of the CBC bank on Samson Street and a large medium pressure gas line of 4 bars was broken. According to a witness on site, you could smell the gas up to the Grand-Place in Mons! A 200-meter security perimeter has been established. The numerous onlookers and the workers of the pedestrian shops were brought back to the Grand Place.

“We were working right next door and we could hear the gas hissing up to Terre du Prince Street! », Explain workers, forced to wait for the security perimeter to be lifted before resuming their work.

SMUR, firefighters, an ambulance, the police and an ORES team were deployed on the spot. “The ORES workers reduced the pressure in the pipe so as not to cut the gas completely and deprive customers of their power, so that they could repair the steel pipe. As we speak (11.50 am), they are doing the welding work and within 30-45 minutes everything should be back to normal, “explained Jean-Michel Brebant, spokesperson for ORES.

While waiting for everything to return to normal, the Grand-place has become a vast waiting room where workers, residents, onlookers, etc. waited for the security perimeter to be lifted.



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