A lawyer is murdered on the Autopista Norte for stealing it

The cases of violence by


in the capital of the country. This time the victim was a tax lawyer, who was moving along the north highway in Bogotá when, during his journey, one of his tires was punctured and when he attended the impasse, armed men arrived and, to take his belongings, they shot him.

Luis Miguel Gomez, friend of the victim, gave details of what happened.

“They gave him four shots, that affected his lung, his liver, they left him lying there. A patrolman took him to the clinic and unfortunately he died as a result of that robbery, “said the friend of the victim.

The modus operandi of


in Bogota

According to the latest cases of robbery in the city, robbers attack their victims with a stone to the head. That was the case of Sinforoso Macías, a 63-year-old man that he was attacked by men to steal the money he had in his possession at the time.

“I am miraculously alive”

BLU Radio learned that, at 11:36 pm last Sunday, Sinforoso Macías He lived moments of terror when he was stoned by robbers to rob him.

“I feel good, thank God it did not get older, but with that rock they would have killed me. I was walking well when I felt the” rock “on my head and I fell to the ground. At that moment three” men “jumped at me. and they requisitioned me.
They stole my money, I had 430,000 pesos, “Macías told BLU Radio.

They killed him for stealing a briefcase

This week a construction worker in the town of Bosa was killed for stealing his tools. The man received several stab wounds and, despite the help of his relatives to transfer him to a health center, he died on the way.

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