Health A lawyer suspects of Holyoke's homicide says he is...

A lawyer suspects of Holyoke's homicide says he is associated with Lag Famous: His life is in danger;


LEAVE – Two men have been arrested by police in relation to one of the last three days of homicides and they continue to investigate a second homicide and a further shooting that took place during the weekend.

Merkin Andrade, 30, of Holyoke, was arrested for reasons of police investigation and accessory to the murder of murder in the death of Thursday Jesus Otero Marrero, 21 of Holyoke. Monday afternoon Jean Carlos Rivera, 30, of Holyoke, who was detained by police and charged with murder, said James Leydon, spokesman for Hampden District Attorney Anthony Gulluni.

Andrade was adjourned in Holyoke District Court on Monday evening. Bonds were settled at $ 100,000 cash or $ 1 million for the accessory charge and $ 5,000 cash to police wasted. However, he was on bail for an open drug case when arrested and the judge revoked his bond in that case, so it is expected that he will remain in prison until his next hearing is scheduled for February 13.

Rivera is run overnight without bonds and it is hoped that it will be signed on Tuesday in Holyoke District Court.

During Monday's referral, Mary Sandstrom, the Attorney General, requested that measures be taken to protect Andrade, which could be a target for compensation. The court file was also sealed to the public until 10 April.

The video and phone record says that Andrade with Marrero and Rivera had personal contact and phones inside and outside Almonte Market 2 at 129 Sargeant Street sometime before the shooting, she said.

The show Andrade's record was in the shop with Marrero when he got a call from Rivera. He then handed the phone to Marrero. Andrade was also recorded outside the shop as she chatted with Rivera, she said.

Andrade's solicitor, Neil Colicchio, from Worcester, said he had no opportunity to review video or phone records but Marrero said he called his client and told him to come to the shop.

Marrero is estimated to have been killed and killed after the shop meeting. His Friday morning body was found in a burn off from South Bridge Street, law enforcement officials said.

“Everyone is concerned about the safety of my client, even the district solicitor,” said Colicchio about Andrade. “I understand it belongs to the group of La Familia.”

Leydon said that both homicide and the three shooting are still under investigation by Holy Police detectives and the Massachusetts State Police detective unit assigned to Gulluni's office. He did not say is involved in a gang or if either of the homicides or any of the shot is connected.

The second fatal shooting occurred near the Almonte Market 2. The police police on Sargeant Street listened to guns at about 7 pm. Saturday and found victim Racquese Wright, 21, of Springfield, suffering from guns wounds outside 133 Sargeant St. They made first aid until an ambulance brought him to Holyoke Hospital where he died, Leydon said.

Sandstrom and Colicchio both asked that measures be taken to protect Andrade from any retaliation that might exist from those involved in the homicide. Rivera was arrested after the alignment has been completed.

“Whether it was a great waste of the police to the alleged victim and who is the suspect and the mental health of my client,” said Colicchio.

Colicchio argued that lower bonds were saying the clients' people, who attended the referral, were not able to pay high bands.

Andrade is a resident of Holyoke for seven years and currently lives at 534 South Bridge Street with his partner and at least one of his four children. He has a learning disability but is working towards his equivalence diploma and has recently held a job in a local corner shop, he said.

“He's afraid. He is afraid. He realizes that his life is in danger, ”said Colicchio. “His family is all in court here, they've told me that they are getting all threats, all weekend so he understands what's going on.” T

Colicchio, an interpreter and other court officials of Andrade switched from television cameras during the atmosphere.

The police continue to investigate three more shooting activities that took place over the weekend. Less than two hours before the murder on Sargeant Street that killed Wright, a 17-year-old man shot in the recipe around 5:20 p.m. on Gerard Way. It was built to the Baystate Medical Center in Springfield on an ambulance and is expected to return, McCoy said.

The police returned to Gerard Way two hours later after receiving more gun fire at 7:27 p.m. The detectives found that multiple bullets were fired at an apartment but there was no victim, he said.

A 22-year-old man was shot in the foot at about 6:45 pm, Thursday, about a quarter of a mile away at the intersection of Main and Sargeant streets. The victim was compiled to the Baystate Medical Center in a private car and is recovering from his injuries, Police Lt James James said.

It is not believed that this shooting relates to the murder of Marrero although they occurred on the same night and were close together.

Anyone who may see any of the shot or any other information about them is asked to call the Holyoke Police criminal investigations Bureau at 413-322-6940. The police are also looking for a video or photos of the crime scenes and are asking anyone living in the area to check their footage if they have any home security camera.


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