A leak shows the full potential of its augmented reality glasses

The WalkingCat leaker has published two videos that are similar to content signed by Samsung. A concept of augmented reality glasses is presented there, with a whole slew of uses, both personal and professional.

Source : WalkingChat

That Samsung is working on augmented reality glasses is no longer a secret. In particular, a prototype was presented to the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2020, without the Korean firm communicating at the time of name or use. Hitherto discreet, this project is back on the front of the stage at the start of 2021.

Accustomed to Samsung and Microsoft leaks, the leaker WalkingCat has indeed published on the social network Twitter two short videos supposedly stamped Samsung. The marketing codes of the Asian brand are very present there, and everything suggests that the two audiovisual pastilles were indeed imagined by the company.

Gaming, videoconferencing and YouTube videos

More concretely, this leak shows us the full potential of Samsung AR glasses. The first video highlights a product called Samsung Glasses Lite, designed for a series of personal uses: the user is having fun, for example, in front of a car game controlled by his phone, but projected by his glasses.

and….. this is the 3D holographic version https://t.co/PXDAHjDNWb

— WalkingCat (@_h0x0d_) February 21, 2021

An “Integrated Control” and “Portable Media” function would then make it possible to launch a YouTube video via its Galaxy Watch connected watch, and to view the content through its glasses, in any position. Whether you are sitting, lying down or standing, the device seems to be able to adapt to your posture.

The simulation continues with the “Dex Display” functionality, thanks to which the user answers an email with a physical keyboard, but a computer screen again diffused by the glasses. The “Video Call” function is simply a videoconference, in which the video of your interlocutor appears in front of you.

Holography at the heart of the experience

The Samsung Glasses Lite go even further by offering a useful tinted option for protecting yourself from the sun outdoors. Once activated, said option does not prevent you from tasting the potential of the glasses: in this case, the example presented shows us a user controlling a drone thanks to a first person view represented in a small window.

Source : WalkingCat

The second video presents a product this time called Samsung AR Glasses. Unlike the first, this device seems above all intended for professional use through three main features: AR Office, Holo Call and AR Simulation. Three main functions governed by the same principle: the presence of holographic elements.

In the example of the video, AR Office would allow you to imagine in 3D an architectural project, which you could modify live. Holo Call would then project the holograms of colleagues who would have direct access to your work, which you can then magnify to human-size scale using AR Simulation.

Caution caution

In the idea, these two videos are inevitably a little dreamy. However, let us try to take this type of leak with a grain of salt, which is more akin to conceptual videos than a successful project. WalkingCat itself urges caution through its message “R&D Vision Concept? “.

By asking a question here, the certainty of leaker is necessarily called into question. We can still note that the pair of glasses presented has a design certainly conventional, but very thick lines that do not greatly enhance its aesthetics. But in view of the uses presented, this is only a detail.

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