A leaked image reveals a plan by Meta to launch a smart watch with a camera

A leaked image showed details of a smart watch developed by Meta (formerly Facebook), to compete with smart watches produced by Apple.

And the agency “Bloomberg” reported that the image was spotted inside the company’s application to control its new smart glasses, which were launched in partnership with Ray-Ban.

The image was found by app developer Steve Moser, who shared it with Bloomberg. A Meta spokeswoman declined to comment.

According to the site, the watch is equipped with a front camera, a round screen, and a slightly curved case at the edges.

The front camera appears similar to the cameras in smartphones at the bottom of the screen, and there is a watch control button on the right side.

The watch has a detachable wrist strap and what appears to be a button on the top of the watch. Its large display mimics the Apple Watch.

The camera indicates that it is likely to be used in recording videos, which is not provided by the Apple smart watch or watches from other competing companies such as Samsung.

And “Bloomberg” quoted an informed source that Facebook plans to launch its first watch as early as 2022, but no final decision has been made on the timing.

The source said that the company is working on three generations of the product, which will be launched at different times.

And the presence of the image in the glasses app, called Facebook View, could indicate that the watch will be managed on iPhone and Android devices using this app as well, according to Bloomberg.

And there’s an icon inside the app that indicates the watch can be called “Milan”. The camera will also be able to take pictures and videos and download them to the phone.

On Thursday, the head of the Facebook group, Mark Zuckerberg, announced the change of the name of the parent company of the social network to “Meta” to better reflect all its activities, but the name of the different networks in it will remain the same, and the Facebook network, the Instagram application and the WhatsApp service will maintain their names.