A legal student was caught smuggling capsules for losing weight

A legal student was caught smuggling capsules for
 losing weight

Vologda student will go on trial for trafficking in illegal drugs.
A 25-year-old fourth-year student, a future lawyer, resident of the regional center, is accused of smuggling potent substances from Kazakhstan .
Capsules containing the substance sibutramine, the girl ordered exclusively for themselves. And when the drug helped her with a solution to the weight problem, she decided to make money on his supplies.
This news agency “VologdaRegion” reports with reference to the prosecutor’s office Vologda .
By the way, sibutramine – a drug that enhances the sense of satiety. But its turnover for the purpose of marketing on the territory Of Russia is prohibited.
To realize her business idea, the Vologda woman created a store in her social network, through which she offered services to those who want to take care of their figure and get rid of excess kilograms.
Orders began to come not only from the Vologda region, but also from other parts of the country. Prices for the drug reached 2800 rubles per package.
However, illegal business by law enforcers was closed.
It became known that the Vologda woman managed to sell more than 535 grams of illegal goods.
For illegal trafficking in strong substances, the girl faces up to eight years of the colony. The investigation of the criminal case is completed, soon the girl will appear before the court.

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