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A little sleep, a lot of lessons and … a lot of dust? What children quickly get fat | Child Health | Health

Scientists from the American Duke Institute have found substances in the dust that can stimulate the growth and deposition of fat cells. And there are as many as two thirds there! They are also included in many household goods – paints, detergents, cosmetics. And children, according to their calculations, “eat up” up to 100 mg of dust every day. According to the study, in homes where children are obese, dust is much more than in the homes of their slender peers.

However, even more than dust, it is worth fearing the other, I'm sure Elena Pavlovskaya, Senior Researcher, Department of Pediatric Gastroenterology, Hepatology and Dietetics, Federal Research Center for Nutrition, Biotechnology and Food Safety, Candidate of Medical Sciences: – The biggest cause of obesity is an imbalance of energy, when a person gets more calories than he can spend. This is due to our lifestyle. The modern man is much less reason to move, engage in physical labor. In addition, now a large number of products that have a high calorie, but low nutritional value. They are cheap, accessible, including to children and adolescents, and are often very attractive to them. However, besides sugar and fat, there are practically no useful substances. First of all, these include chips, various snacks, fast food and sugary drinks. It is sugary drinks and high consumption of fructose, not only sugar, – one of the causes of obesity. Increases the risk of obesity heredity. For example, if one of the parents is overweight, the child’s chance of obesity is 50%, and if both parents are 80%. But this is only a chance. If you follow the nutrition of the child, create conditions for physical activity, then these risks are not realized.

It is believed that hormonal disorders are to blame for excess weight and obesity. In fact, this reason is detected only in 3-5% of overweight children. But in half of the cases, overweight adolescents are found to have eating disorders, just overeating. And its roots come from our, originally Russian ideas, that there must be enough, to eat up everything that was put on the plate, be sure to eat, first, second and compote, etc. It is considered normal to force a child to eat – for his own benefit (“If you do not eat, you will not leave the table”). It is believed that a child can be rewarded for some achievements with a hike in a cafe or sweets. All this leads to eating disorders from the lightest to the most serious, which cannot be cured without a psychotherapist. Sometimes, overeating is a sign of depression or latent eating disorders during the puberty period.

Well, plus hypodynamia, because children are very overwhelmed. In many schools, large volumes of homework. And it is normal for schoolchildren to do homework literally until the night to meet the excessive demands of the school. Such hypodynamia in itself does not allow to spend energy. On the other hand, long sitting leads to a decrease in muscle mass. But the more muscle mass, the more we spend calories, even with daily activity – when we walk, wash the floors, etc. According to the recommendations of the World Health Organization at least an hour a day, adults and children should have physical activity of high and medium intensity. This is brisk walking, running or training. Physical activity should be planned in the same way in the child’s schedule as lessons and other important matters.

And one more important point. Unlike house dust or antibiotics, it has already been accurately proved that sleep deficiency leads to excess weight. If children and teenagers sleep less than they need, it clearly slows down their metabolism and leads to the risk of obesity. For younger schoolchildren, at least 9 hours of sleep is considered the norm, older ones are 8. Teens are loaded with exorbitant homework and additional classes due to over-responsible parents. And at night, moving away from lessons, communicate a lot in social networks to the detriment of sleep, sit in online games. And you need to get enough sleep every day. Attempting to sleep off at the weekend will not help maintain a good exchange of energy, calorie consumption.

It is important that the whole family comply with the recommendations that they are trying to apply to the child. If mom and dad live a normal life and make a child slim and athletic, then he won't be long enough. And the effect will not be.

Based on the reasons, it is clear that we need to do so that the child is healthy and slim. Someone needs to sleep more, someone needs to move and eat less chips and drink sugary drinks, another needs to go to a psychologist to deal with latent depression. But also to ensure that the house does not accumulate dust and regularly do wet cleaning and airing, also does not hurt.



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