A Logitech ad reveals what could be a new white Xbox Series X

Xbox made a good move in the current generation of consoles by launching two different machines. Xbox Series X and Series S have unique characteristics and an almost opposite design that has also served to define each one.

Although it is more anecdotal, the white color of Series S and the black of Series X it has served to identify new Xboxes much faster these last two years, although that may change now.

An advertisement for Logitech, the brand of technology, peripherals and other products also associated with the gaming world, has shown an Xbox Series X different from the black model that many already have in their homes.


Introducing the ASTRO A30 Wireless Headset

During the announcement, which we have left you right here above, you can see it in the first seconds of footage a white Xbox Series X console along with other devices and platforms among which is PS5.

The commercial shows Astro A30 gaming headset, but what has really caught the attention of fans is that white color on Microsoft’s next-generation console. Is it a model of console yet to be announced?

At the moment, Microsoft has not commented, so doubts remain. Except for limited editions and collaborations, Xbox Series X has maintained the black color since its launch. We will have to wait to see if we could see it in another tonality.

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Will a new white Xbox be announced?

Do you like this off-white model? In the case of PS5, the possibility of changing color is more “simple” since the white shells of the console are allowed to be changed for others that have already been released.

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If Xbox Series X is released in white, it would be a good option to open another spectrum of the market. What is your opinion? The brand has used the two colors almost equally throughout its long history.

Recently, Xbox has been quite busy releasing information about its products and remodeling itself, internally speaking. This same week the September update of Xbox was shown, which brings changes in the interface… and colored light in the Xbox Elite Series 2.

By the way, and by the way, the Xbox Elite Series 2 Core was presented as a new cheaper controller model and… curiously, in white. We will be very attentive to possible announcements or disclosures by Microsoft.