A Look at the Academic Background of Famous Celebrities

Many times the public tends to idealize those people who go out for the night. television. Also to those who cover the covers of newspapers and magazines or fill stadiums and crowded venues. When they become famous, for their fans they do everything right, to the point of becoming vital objectives. “When I grow up I want to be like…”, children say very often. “I wish I looked like…”, others dream. In fact, many are directly asked who they would like to look like in a few years. And, except for some exceptions that name a close relative, most choose well-known figures. Athletes, actors and singers are usually preferredBut are not the only ones.

However, what many forget too often is that celebrities are also people, and as such they don’t do everything perfectly. It is not necessary for them to screw up and be crucified by public opinion to reach that conclusion. It is enough to take a look at his past to see that all that glitters is not gold. Many have gone through personal bumps, difficult moments and, in certain cases, they did not have the best academic performance. They even put aside their training to dedicate themselves to the profession that years later would give them (and very well) to eat. And to show a button.


As she herself stated on several occasions, miraculously finished school, since it didn’t take long for him to realize that books were not his thing. Despite this, in his multiple roles on the big screen, he has shown that he has a good memory and a talent that his teachers failed to see.


Before becoming one of the kings of Hollywood and one of the most desired men in the world, Brad Pitt spent years in front of books. Although he agreed to the University of Missouri to study Journalism, the truth is that never finished the racedespite the fact that he only had to pass a couple of subjects to obtain his degree.


One of the most famous writers of all time, and the one who always appears at the top of the list of the most read, she did not stand out in school. Rather the complete opposite. In fact, she until she was 11 years old she was home schooledunder the gaze of his father. When he died, Agatha Christie was sent to a Parisian boarding school. And there she began to create that inner world that even today, almost half a century after her death, continues to cause fascination among her admirers. Her stories are still a vein on the big screen.


He did not adapt to the rhythm of the rest of his teammates, so he had to be referred to the classroom for children with special needs. It also influenced having been a victim of bullying in his school days, as he himself recognized. He soon realized that it was not his thing and changed the desk to the cameras. His first role was obtained in 1999, when he had just come of age.


Emma Watson spent much of her childhood and most of her adolescence on the set of Harry Potter. That is why it is not unreasonable to think that his school stage was greatly affected. So much so thatcould hardly attend classes and he replaced it with a tutor who gave him lessons between takes. By all accounts, he has not fared badly. She is a true idol among her generation, a champion in the fight for women’s rights or against climate change (among many other causes) and, in addition, she managed to graduate from Brown University, belonging to the elitist IIvy American League.


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The most famous sisters in the world of tennis dedicated many years to being the best in their sport. So much so that his academic training went completely into the background. Was his father in charge of receiving education in his own home. Those that are for many the greatest in history add up to dozens of titles: Venus, 69 (seven of them Grand Slam singles) and Serena, 73 (including seven Australian Open, three Roland Garros, seven Wimbledon and six US Open Joined).


The winner of two Oscars (for Boys don’t cry, in 2000, and Million Dollar Baby, in 2005) did not have the same success in front of the books. In fact, she herself has recounted that he was more concerned with having an active social life than getting good grades. It may be that spontaneity that will help him open the doors of an industry as demanding as that of the cinema.

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