A look back at the 2021 edition of the Charolais breeding competition in Montluçon (Allier)

Nearly twenty breeders, mainly coming from Allier but also from Puy-de-Dôme, Cher and Creuse, were present yesterday during the Charolais breeding competition of Montluçon, organized in the former premises of Longométal. Nearly 160 breeders were presented.

Why the move of the agricultural competition from the exhibition center to Longométal creates a stir in Montluçon (Allier)

A reunion after months of crisis

“This competition is an opportunity to show the work of a year for farmers, to trade too [chaque année entre quinze et vingt animaux sont vendus lors du concours, NDLR]… It’s a real showcase, ”explains Romain Grobaud, president of the Montluçon agricultural competition committee.

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But this 2021 edition was also synonymous with reunion for professionals after several months of health crisis.

“Montluçon was, in October of last year, the last competition organized. All the others must have been canceled after. It was a real blow to everyone. So inevitably, there is the pleasure of meeting again today. “

Romain Grobaud (president of the agricultural competitions committee of Montluçon)

Make yourself known and value your animals

Among the new exhibitors this year: Valentin Moginot, breeder at Deux-Chaises, who came with two male calves and one female calf. “I have been installed since last year, on November 1st. So the Montluçon competition is a way to make yourself known to other breeders, breeders and customers, to value your animals and also to compare yourself to others. “

One hundred and seventy animals present at the Charolais breeding competition in Montluçon (Allier)

Daniel Micaud, from Gaec Micaud in Ygrande, has been participating in the Montluçonnais competition since 1982. “At the time, we started very small,” he recalls. Today he is the one who comes with the most beasts. This year: twenty-two calves, a bull and a cow, once again with prizes won.

“The Covid crisis has been difficult for farmers. We weren’t able to get out much. We were stuck on our farms, so the trade was not easy. The commercial side of the competition is therefore necessarily interesting. “

Daniel Micaud (Gaec Micaud)

Palmares. Male calves Large racer: Screenwriter, Gaec Micaud, Ygrande. Well born male calves: Sicilian, Gaec Clame-Andriot, Sauvagny. Grand prize of honor: adult males, Nevers, Gaec Micaud (breeder) in Ygrande, SAS La ferme du Rompoue Deboux (breeder) in Chougny; adult females, Monépopée, Gaec Micaud, Ygrande. Males honorary prizes: junior, Périgord, Gaec Audinat, Deneuille-les-Mines; senior, Nevers, Gaec Micaud (breeder) in Ygrande, SAS La ferme du Rompoue Deboux (breeder) in Chougny. Females honorary award : junior, Régente, Gaec Clame-Andriot (breeder / breeder), Sauvagny; senior, Monépopée, Gaec Micaud, Ygrande.
Autumn male calf : Silky, Gaec Micaud (breeder / breeder), Ygrande. Complete list on the Herd Book Charolais website.

Photos: Florian Salesse

Text: Laura Morel