a loved one gives news of his state of health, “it’s very moving for her”

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On November 5, Catherine Deneuve was victim of a stroke, while filming “De son vivant”, by Emmanuelle Bercot. A serious incident which had caused the interruption of filming. But 8 months later, the director announced that the latter would finally be able to resume on July 6… in the presence of Catherine Deneuve. Emmanuelle Bercot gave reassuring news about the actress’ state of health. “It goes very well with Catherine, when you see her, impossible to imagine that anything happened to her,” explained the director in the columns of Le Parisien. “Suddenly, it is very moving for her, for the whole team, to resume. I’m confident “.

Confidences that will reassure fans of the actress, many of whom were very worried for several months. For her part, the director confides that she never doubted the recovery of her actress. “Despite eight months of interruption, I never believed that the film was dead. I never thought it would happen without Catherine either. I would not have replaced Catherine Deneuve, ”she continues. No release date for the film has yet been released.



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