A macabre vision of Krzysztof Jackowski. “We’re going to run away” – o2

Krzysztof Jackowski organized another broadcast on YouTube. A popular clairvoyant told the audience that some Poles would flee the country. At the same time, he wondered why they would not go to Germany or France.

Jackowski assessed that in poorer countries “everything is less mixed up and it is easier to control peace”. At the same time, he gave two directions that may turn out to be beneficial for Poles.

At some point, we will have to run away from Poland. At least those who can run away. Then remember, head towards Romania and Bulgaria – said the clairvoyant.

During the broadcast, he also showed an article from TVN24. It related to the security guarantees that Russia expects from the west to be implemented. It is about the necessity to withdraw NATO forces from Romania and Bulgaria.

Russia wants such a neutral zone there. (…) The case is developmental, and this is a demand. (…) It is known that if NATO agreed to it, it does not happen all at once. I have told you that there will come a moment when I see Poland as partly deserted. It is a macabre vision because I do not understand it completely. But beware, I didn’t understand these two countries either – why Romania and Bulgaria? Jackowski thought.

Krzysztof Jackowski is sure. A conflict awaits us

Krzysztof Jackowski is almost sure about what 2021 will bring. – For me, this year will undoubtedly be the year of the beginning of a multi-stage conflict in the world. Let’s not treat it the way it is presented to us in the media – he said during the broadcast on YouTube.

Romania and Bulgaria suddenly appear, and it makes some sense. And so many years ago I said: “Monika (Jackowski’s daughter – editor’s note), there will come a moment when we will have to flee Poland in panic, because it will be a short time for this escape” – added the clairvoyant.