a Maghrebian undocumented migrant wins 500,000 euros in the lottery – La Nouvelle Tribune

It is a great chance for an undocumented Maghrebi who won a jackpot by playing the lottery. He is indeed an Algerian in his twenties who tried his luck on Saturday, November 20, 2021, with an X20 ticket. The information was given by the French media Free noon and Actu.fr, who specified that the events took place in Montpellier in the department ofHérault on France.

He is in a precarious situation

In an interview, the saleswoman of the establishment, where the lucky winner had bought his ticket, pretended that the man had “Bought an X20, a game for five euros. He thought he had won 25 euros, but he had won 100,000 euros five times! “. Visibly in shock, he then hastened to quickly leave the premises of “Fear of having your ticket stolen”. His cousin confided to Actu.fr, that he is in a precarious situation. “He’s a good person who is loved in the neighborhood. He sells cigarettes to eat, to survive ” did he declare. After winning, the man must now go to the Française des Jeux, who will inform him of the steps to follow to recover his money.

It must be said that the man in question was lucky, since of the six million tickets that have been published for the game, only two allow to win 500,000 euros. Remember that this is not the first time that a person has won an important prize with a lottery ticket. During the month of October 2021, four people had won 50,000 euros with a ticket given by a client of a bar.

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