A majestic scene … a “snake” writhing on the surface of the sun … and scientists reveal the secret “video”

In a strange scene, the “Solar Orbiter” vehicle of the US Space Agency observed a majestic scene of what can be described as a “snake writhing” on the surface of the sun in a majestic scene of the great interactions that occur in the giant star that mediates our solar system.

The European Space Agency published a video clip on its YouTube channel, in which the lens of its vehicle monitored an exciting scene of the interactions that occur inside the sun, which embodies the greatness of nature.

And one of the massive interactions that started from the bottom of the giant star appears, heading upwards at a very large speed, to travel a very long distance on the surface of the sun and move in a western manner somewhat similar to the movement of a snake.

Where Monte Carlo described the scene as “like a snake moving inside the sun.”

Scientists expect that this newly observed solar phenomenon is formed as a result of the massive explosions that occur on our giant star, where turbulence and the movement of gases cause these unique phenomena to form.

Some scientists specializing in space sciences pointed out that this phenomenon (the shape of the snake) occurs as a result of the formation of “a colder plasma tube inside the hot plasma surrounding the sun’s atmosphere, which is associated with solar magnetic fields.”

It is worth noting that scientists assert that the nature of these solar fields is “very complex” and difficult to understand and study, especially since studying the sun requires hard effort and very sophisticated equipment, because approaching it to great degrees is almost impossible in light of the current situation due to the intense heat.