A major operation to remove nine wrecked vehicles in Montluçon (Allier)

This is a recurring problem that the town of Montluçon (Allier) has to face: suction cup vehicles and wrecks scattered all over the city on the banks of the Cher. But this problem, the community has decided to take it head on.

Kidnapping operations have therefore multiplied in recent years. Nine vehicle wrecks, abandoned in different neighborhoods, were taken away this Friday, November 25. One operation among others.

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Regular operations

“It’s a fairly complex file that we took over in 2020”, explains Pierre Laroche, deputy mayor of Montluçon, in charge, among other things, of safety and the living environment. “The problem is that they are everywhere. But we try to remove as much as possible of these cars that are reported to us. »

For this, the community must first “classify” them. Either as “suction cup vehicles”, in prolonged parking or in awkward parking. Either as “wrecks”. These are end-of-life vehicles or carcasses.

In the first case, direction the pound. Since 2020, 131 suction cup cars have been removed by Verge de Domérat, via a public service delegation.

Destruction or heading to the pound

In the second case, it is destruction. “These wrecks often no longer have a plate. There is no way to identify the owners. So the Derichebourg company comes to pick them up to remove them. 75 such abductions have taken place since 2020.

“We generally do this once a quarter,” says Pierre Laroche. “The next ones will therefore take place now in 2023.” Because the municipality is still far from having won the war.

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Laura Morel