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“A man cannot get pregnant”

by archyw
Twitter censured Vox deputy Francisco José Contreras for saying: “A man cannot get pregnant.”

The Vox deputy for Seville Francisco José Contreras has suffered in the last hours the institutional blocking of his Twitter account in one more episode of censorship starring the social network.

Contreras has denounced that the social network blocked his account for 12 hours after publishing a message in which he stated: “A man cannot get pregnant. A man does not have a uterus or eggs.

Some people believe that La Sexta gives information.

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This affirmation absolutely confirmed by science through Biology constitutes, according to Twitter, an objectionable message for “breaching the rules that prohibit hateful behavior,” as disclosed by the professor and member of the third national political force in Spain.

Twitter also reminds Contreras that it is not allowed to commit crimes such as “threatening, harassing or encouraging violence against other people because of their race, ethnic origin, nationality, sexual orientation, gender, gender identity, religion, age, disability or illness. “And threatened him, as is customary in the censorship messages on the social network, to close his account in perpetuity:” Bear in mind that repeated breaches can lead to permanent suspension of your account. “

This is not the first time that Twitter has censored Vox. In January 2020 the institutional account of the training was closed by the social network; In December of the same year, a publication by the Madrid regional deputy Gádor Joya was vetoed for showing a photo of a baby who died due to abortion.

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It is surprising to say the least that the same social network rejected the attempts to veto a publication by HazteOir.org, also based on Biology, in which a reality similar to the one censored by the Vox deputy was expressed: «#SoloLasMujeresMenstruan Si los LGTB they don’t want to see reality, it’s up to them. Boys have a penis, girls have a vulva. ‘



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