A man files a lawsuit against his wife because of her tongue… and for this reason he cannot divorce her!- Video

Al-Marsad Newspaper: The “Al-Rased” program, broadcast on Al-Ikhbariya channel, showed a story about a husband who sleeps outside his house and resorts to court because of his wife’s tongue and her strong personality.

The presenter of the program said during his speech: “A poor husband filed a lawsuit asking the court to punish his wife, because she caused him psychological harm because of the verbal abuse of him, and insulted him in front of his children, until he no longer sits at home.”

He added, “The man explained in the lawsuit that his wife is very personal, and he cannot talk to her, especially since she gave birth to a butt after the divorce, at a value of 250,000 riyals.”

And he continued: “The man has no way to get rid of this amount except by complaining, and presenting the case to reconciliation, and the reconciliation listened to the two parties, and he was able to bring the points of view closer, and the case ended and the husband and wife returned to each other.”