a man shot dead with a harpoon gun in a campsite

A man suspected of having killed his brother with a harpoon rifle shot on Friday in Lucciana (Haute-Corse) was placed in pre-trial detention on Sunday in Borgo prison, we learned on Wednesday from the Bastia prosecutor’s office. The victim, aged 29, a resident of the town, died of his injuries, after being hit in the chest by the arrow of the harpoon. The facts took place, in the heart of a campsite located in Lucciana, in a wooded area, a few hundred meters from the beach.

“An investigation has been opened for intentional homicide, entrusted to the Bastia research brigade”, specifies Arnaud Viornery, the public prosecutor of Bastia. The victim’s 27-year-old brother, also a resident of Lucciana, was arrested in the process, indicted for murder and placed in pre-trial detention in the Borgo remand center.

An alteraction at the origin of the harpoon shot?

The reasons for this deadly altercation are not yet known. According to the prosecution, several people from the family who manages the premises were gathered around 8 p.m. before the tragedy.

An altercation would then have broken out between the two brothers before one of them seized the harpoon gun to use it.