Car sales have plummeted around the world in recent months after the emergence of the coronavirus. The confinement, the layoffs of millions of workers worldwide and the uncertainty in an economic situation Very complicated have made many people think twice before deciding to buy a new vehicle.

However, a German citizen thought it was the right time to change cars and also take care of the planet. So he decided to buy a new car and opted for an electric one, so after analyzing all the possibilities, chose a Tesla Model 3, one of the North American manufacturer’s best-selling vehicles.

M. Mcloughlin

In the midst of a pandemic, the city council of the capital launched 15 BYD buses, an Asian giant that now aspires to conquer the European market with its electric cars and batteries

So last June, the man went to the Tesla website and decided to order his Model 3, prepared for pay the 52,000 euros cost vehicle. However, after setting up the car and going to make the payment, the system gave an error. The man tried again and again, when paying, he received an error from the system. So up to 27 times.

A million dollar bill

One after another, all of the man’s attempts failed until he finally achieved his purpose: after 28 attempts, the web allowed him to process the payment with no problem. However, when he went to the personal profile that had been created on the website of the electric car manufacturer, he found a surprise: had bought 28 cars.

After contacting Tesla, the manufacturer canceled all 28 orders to have it ordered again from the beginning.

Although the system had given him an error in each attempt to process the payment, the truth is that he had approved the transaction so the buyer found that, suddenly, he had bought 28 Teslas Model 3 and that he had to pay a millionaire bill: in total, 1,404,000 euros for the 28 electric vehicles.

It has been his son who has told everything that happened through Reddit, although the story has had a happy ending: after contacting Tesla, the manufacturer has canceled all 28 orders previous and has instructed you to buy it again through the web. At least, after the scare, the mistake has not cost him money and he will soon have his new electric car.


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