News A man with sex with an adult daughter gets...

A man with sex with an adult daughter gets more prison time


HASTINGS, None. (AP) – A Nebraska man who has already been sentenced to imprisonment for his adult daughter has been given another two years.

Travis Fieldgrove, 40, was charged on Tuesday in Adams District Court in Hastings. He did not plead any competition to try to cut back after prosecutors reduced the charge from curtailing back on Fieldgrove's plea.

He made a similar deal nearby in County Hall, where he lived, and was sentenced in May to two years in prison. Adams County time will be served after the completion of the Hall County sentence, Adams County judge said.

Fieldgrove and his daughter, now 21, married in Adams County in October 2018, a month after the police investigated their relationship. She told the police that she told her mother she wanted to meet her father.

Her mother organized a meeting with Fieldgrove, and the young woman and Fieldgrove had a father-daughter relationship until September 2018, when he turned sexual, told their authorities in both counties.

DNA tests confirm their biological relationship, authorities have said.


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