A map of treatment frequency indices at the municipal level

The Solagro association published on Wednesday June 22, 2022 the map of treatment frequency indices (IFT) at the level of each municipality. We can see that the areas where the TFI is greater than 4.5 are located in certain parts of France: Greater Paris Basin, Nord Pas-de-Calais Picardie, Bordeaux and South-East. Conversely, the areas where the TFI is the lowest are, unsurprisingly, the high and medium mountain areas.

From national to municipal scale

The cartography makes it possible to have a general vision of the distribution of the IFT on the scale of France, but also to select a municipality and to have, in a detailed way the total IFT, the average herbicide IFT and the part of organic farming.

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For researchers, farmers’ policies and the general public

According to Solagro, this map can “be used for scientific research purposes and serve as a reference for the definition and evaluation of public policies”. It also makes it possible to contribute to the European “pesticides” directive and to the National Nutrition Health Plan 4.

The mapped data is made available to the general public and can help the actors involved, in particular the farmers, to situate themselves.

This map bears the name of Adonis in reference to this plant indicating the low or non-use of pesticides in straw cereals.

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