A march to create links between police students and young people in a closed education center in the Allier

This is a first experience which foreshadows a possible partnership between the Montluçon Police School (Allier) and the Closed Educational Center (CEF) of Pionsat in Puy-de-Dôme. This Thursday, May 20, the new promotion of volunteer assistant gendarmes and young people in CEF shared a ten-kilometer walk in the Allier.

“Reconcile them with the police”

The initiative is due to the new psychologists of the two structures. Knowing each other and exchanging regularly together, they proposed this partnership between the two institutions, with the aim of creating an exchange and, by doing so, a link between the two groups.

The CEF is the alternative to prison for these young people aged fourteen to sixteen. The objective is to prepare them to resume a free life after their sentence. But, we must also reconcile them with the police, because they have a lot of a priori after their first meeting with these forces which took place in a pejorative context for them.

Precisely, during this march, the officials of the School of gendarmerie integrated the seven young people within the group of student gendarmes. Small activities made it possible to go further in the exchanges and the desire for cohesion between them. Like the stretchering of comrades or the camouflage session in the forest. And it worked.

Extensive exchanges between the two groups

“They were very curious and motivated. They asked the questions they wanted. They were thus able to learn that the gendarmerie was part of the army. A young person even wanted to know how to get there, ”note some of the student police officers.

Rayane, one of the young people in the closed educational center, said he was “lucky” to have been able to share this moment, even though he hesitated to participate.

The Outstretched Hand Policy

An experience which therefore seems successful for those involved in the maneuver, such as Captain Erik, commander of the sixth training company and officer in charge of the tradition.

These are people in difficulty, they have had a slump. The reasons for their presence in CEF are foreign to me. We practice the politics of the outstretched hand and this is what we have done today, with success it seems.

During the ceremony of handing over the rondache (crest) to police students and young people, the captain took the opportunity to send a direct message to the latter in his speech: “They are much better than what is said about” them ”.

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Brian Le Goff

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