A married woman in her 20s who used to be a model, dating 18 men at the same time… Rip 400 million ‘pop’

SCMP Capture

Hong Kong’s South China Morning Post (SCMP) recently reported that a Chinese woman who used to be a model, even though she was married, was found to have stolen 2 million yuan (about 400 million won) from 20 boyfriends.

Mr. Woo, who is 29 years old this year and lives in Shanghai, is said to have extorted money from his boyfriends for various reasons, such as “a relative has cancer” and “a relative is going to jail and needs money for bail.”

He even met real boyfriends and took pictures, making him mistaken for a real love affair with the man. He even promised to get married.

He has been dating a number of men since 2017, and at one time he was dating 18 men at the same time.

Police investigation revealed that he spent the money he stole from his boyfriends on luxury goods.

Some men have even taken bank loans to save money.

However, if the tail is long, they will be caught. A man reported to the police when he continued to delay his marriage for reasons he was not sure about, and the Shanghai police uncovered the full story and arrested him on charges of fraud.

Meanwhile, he married in 2014 and has a two-year-old son.

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