a mayor threatened because of a project for a reception center for migrants

He had been receiving threats for several weeks. Around 5 a.m. on Wednesday March 22, the mayor of Saint Brévin-Les-Pins Yannick Morez saw his house and his two cars go up in smoke. An investigation has been opened, but the criminal track is clearly privileged.

The facade of the house is blackened and the windows of the rooms exploded because of the heat. Luckily, no one slept there, but the two vehicles parked in front of the house are nothing more than burnt carcasses. “At 5 a.m. this morning we heard a popping noise, like an explosion, so I went out, says Yannick Morez at the microphone of RTL. There was a fire between the two vehicles.”

The mayor immediately thinks of a start of criminal fire, probably due to a Molotov cocktail. Everything then goes very quickly: the cars are on fire and even if the fire does not enter the house, two rooms were damaged by the flames.

The privileged criminal track

Since several weeks, the chosen one was the target of threats on social networks. These followed the project to open a CADA, a reception center for asylum seekers that he supports and which has been agitating the town for several months now.

For the mayor of the town, this fire was directly aimed at him: “It’s scary, some are ready for anything. In France we have the right to be against projects but to risk losing people’s lives… Getting elected is getting harder and harder“Yannick Morez has filed a complaint and an investigation is currently underway.

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