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A memo to LeBron James about the goat

LeBron James, the Los Angeles Lakers striker, is certainly one of the best players in NBA history. In recent years it has been debated whether he is the largest ever. Recently, LeBron has just called itself that.

Dear LeBron James of my beloved Los Angeles Lakers,

Like the rest of the sports world, I recently found out in a recent episode of your ESPN + show that this is the case More than an athleteYou said you made 2016 the best of times with your championship victory over the 73-9 Golden State Warriors.

Above all, I hear you. Her CV definitely speaks for itself – three NBA World Championships, three Olympic gold medals, four regular MVP prizes for the season, three MVP finals, eleven consecutive All-NBA selections for the first team, five consecutive all-defensive selections for the first team, Yadda Yadda Yadda.

As long as your amazing piece of art endures, you'll have at least a few more years to add to all this.

I will not use this room to debate whether you're actually the best basketball player of all time or even where you are on the list if you're not the biggest. This is completely irrelevant, and it's a pretty subjective argument anyway if everyone has a different set of criteria to decide who the GOAT is.

Instead, I will discuss whether it is right to call oneself the greatest, whether true or not.

King James, Your Highness, I admit that I was rooting against you for years. It's not that I personally objected to you – I applaud you for announcing your progressive policy brand and opening your own school in your hometown of Akron, OH – but I've always felt that the media in your pocket were and proclaim you as the second biggest thing since slicing bread, even before you could legally drink a beer.

Personally, I can not stand an unjustified hype. I feel that our society has a big problem with hype, idolatry and media bias, and some of us turn to people like you who are extremely talented, talented and talented.

Over the years, however, you convinced me when you first met this hype. This championship in 2016 was an important reason for that. I remember that you lost 3-1 in this series, lost all three of these games in a blow-out fashion and still remain calm and relaxed in public.

Then boom – you've won 41 points, seven assists, 16 rebounds, three steals and three blocks in a Game 5 112-97 in Oakland. In Game 6, you proved that Game 5 was no coincidence as you scored another 41 points and scored eight rebounds, 11 dimes, four steals and three blocks while leading your Cleveland Cavaliers to a 115-101 win.

At Gameland 7 in Oakland, you had a poor 9 out of 24 out of the field, but had a triple-double and perhaps the biggest defensive game in the history of the NBA, as you Andre Igoudala's fast-break layup attempt with 1:50 refused in the game left.

Overcoming a 3-1 deficit in the NBA final has never been done before, and yet your team did just that.

Damn, simply winning the game 7 of a World Series on the road is extremely rare, and that alone is an otherworldly addition to your already outstanding heritage.

See LeBron when you announce yourself that you are the best basketball player of all time, or, as far as the matter is concerned, the greatest mother in the world, the greatest cook in the world, etc., it sounds like you are bragging. At the very least, it gives the impression that you are insecure and that you need to pump yourself up to feel comfortable in your skin.

You have done that before. After the fifth game of the NBA Finals in 2015, your team's 3: 2 demise did not help you much because of the injuries that Kyrie Irving and Kevin Love had. A journalist asked you the following question:

They seem to play this final series much more comfortable. There was a piece that you thought was behind your back where you went, and you're crazy three. Do you feel much less pressure than this finale runs just because you are understaffed and you had some injuries compared to previous years?

Her answer was this:

No, I'm confident because I'm the best player in the world.

LeBron, my new favorite NBA superstar and savior of my holy Los Angeles Lakers, that's not necessary. You may be the most iconic NBA player ever, and we know you're as much a businessman as you are. So you always strive to build your own brand and your own market, and I'm sure you would agree that there should be some decency, right?

To illustrate how things turn out, Danny Ainge, Celtics CEO, said you call yourself GOAT if you "follow Donald Trump's approach" and "try to sell [yourself]".

I know that you hate our current Commander-in-Chief and what you and your comrades consider bombastic. I do not care what you think because I am a great rhetoric. If you do not like that, why should you go to that level?

It's fine if you think you're the goat inside. I'm sure Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant, Magic Johnson, Larry Bird, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Wilt Chamberlain, and maybe a few others all feel the same way, but they've never said that in public.

You have to say that you are the GOAT when you look in the mirror every morning, when you repeat yourself affirmations, when you do that yourself, like many other successful and potentially successful people.

There's no need to eliminate a new legion of fans that happens to bleed violet and gold, especially those of us who grew up with Kobe Bryant and still hold it in our hearts as the NBA gold standard is, at least, great for the Lakers in our life.

As I said, as long as you hold your body and the front office offers you a second superstar, you have the opportunity to ingratiate yourself with us in a similar way when all is said and done.

LeBron, our soon to be big Lakers, will pull back his jersey and possibly have a statue built by the team, just chill. Let others talk about how great you are because that's all they've been doing for a long time.

The media keep you constantly and alone in the GOAT discussion, and more and more of them think that you are actually the GOAT when the time passes, and you add more success to your CV.

Once you have fully recovered from your groin injury (which I'm worried about at the moment), just keep on the field for the Lakers. Off the field, you continue to sing the beautiful song of equal justice, inclusion, giving poor people and non-whites the opportunities they need to make the most of the potential of the universe, and so on. Because you were a shining beacon of all this, and this is something that our democracy needs now more than ever to inspire the rest of us.

While you're at it, please convince Anthony Davis to demand a trade and say that the Pelicans will not sign up to the Lakers by the close of trading in February of this year 2020 because it would help you and our team somehow, the NBA World Cup win, or maybe two, or even three or four …

LeBron Raymone James, to describe it with an old SNL sketch: you are more than good enough, you are more than smart enough, and dog warfare, people love you.

Next: 40 biggest Lakers in franchise history

There's no need to talk about how great you are. That's what the rest of us, especially those of us who are Lakers fans, have done and will continue to do. Nothing but love for you.


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