A mermaid in the studio and ‘Brazilian butt lift’: This was ‘The smartest person in the world’

Lotte Vanwezemael made her appearance in ‘The smartest person in the world’, and immediately captivated the studio with a story about a little girl who wanted to take a picture with her for a very special reason. Also as a player she immediately made a strong turn. Jury member Jennifer Heylen managed to get the laughs on her hand with her mimicry skills.

Eline VandeGehuchte

Thursday September 22, 2022 at 10:22 PM

Last night’s winner:

Sexologist Lotte Vanwezemael.

The loser:

Of molwinner and presenter Gilles Van Bouwel.

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The newcomer on Monday:

Dutch actor and TV maker Prem Radhakishun.

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From best quotes:

Judge Wim Health asks Lotte what “the average number” of punches is during a lovemaking.

Jennifer Heylen: “More than three, Wim.”


After a question about the cause of a fire, Bart Cannaerts that he was once falsely suspected of arson at school. Gilles asks if he had any matches, to which Bart: “No, I threw them away.”


One of the answers in the puzzle round for Lotte is ‘Brazilian Butt Lift’. Good for a demonstration of Jennifer, who shows how she saw in a video that people are pushed in a wheelchair after this plastic surgery. So: vice versa, with knees on the seat and buttocks in the air. Jennifer: “I’ll show the video.” Wim: “I no longer need the film.”

The most beautiful moment:

While Bart must not answer the question about Ursula, the sea witch from The little MermaidGilles knows all the answers. “It’s my favorite Disney movie. I still know him completely inside out”, Gilles manages to move the audience.” Lotte is also a fan of the film. “Recently a little girl came to me by the sea, she wanted to take a picture with me because she thought I was Ariel. Very sweet.”

The standings

1 Bart Cannaerts (7 episodes)

2 Jonas Geirnaert (5 episodes)

3 Delphine Lecompte (4 episodes)

4 Jelle Cleymans (4 episodes)

5 Gilles Van Bouwel (3 episodes)


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