“A miracle at the stadium.” The man survived the fall from the balcony from a frightening height. He escaped with monocles

Check out a selection of viral videos from the second week of June. The editors of the video team were fascinated by the terrifying fall from the balcony of the stadium, the indomitable ostrich and the cat with a mysterious appearance.

Serious fall with a happy ending

The man survived a fall from a high balcony in the stadium during a concert by pop singer Harry Styles. | Video: Reuters

A 20-year-old man fell from a balcony last Saturday at a concert by pop singer Harry Styles at Ibrox Stadium in Glasgow, Scotland. One of the bystanders caught a fan falling from a height of more than 10 meters on a mobile phone. The video, which spread virally on social networks during the week, shows how a man’s body suddenly flies from a height in front of the viewers.

The young man then landed in the lower auditorium among the other spectators. He escaped the accident almost unscathed. “He has a slight concussion and no fractures. He only earned two monocles because he hit his face and blood ran from his nose. But that’s all,” the mother of the man, who is still lying in the hospital, told the Sun newspaper. . “It’s an absolute miracle,” she added.

Danger of an open window

A hungry ostrich scared a hiker in a safari park. He had a liking for her treats in the car Video: Reuters

American student Chloe Benham experienced exciting moments on her trip to a safari park in the state of Mississippi. As she drove through the animals with her boyfriend in the car with the windows open, a hungry ostrich suddenly stuck his head in. At that moment, the girl began to scream and gasp. But the ostrich did not let himself be frightened and continued to snuggle at her bag of corn treats.

“I never expected to be afraid of an animal, let alone an ostrich! Neither of us knew what was coming,” Benham told her experience for Reuters. “After I calmed down, I laughed the most in my life,” added the girl, whose boyfriend filmed the whole situation on a mobile phone.

He is not a kitten like a kitten

The kitten with the unusual coloration was nicknamed Zorro. It has become an internet sensation Video: Reuters

Thanks to its unusual appearance, a kitten from Indonesia also became an internet sensation last week. A nine-month-old cat named Boy boasts a large black spot on his head that looks like a mysterious eye mask.

Thanks to his coloring, he earned the nickname Zorro from users on social networks after his famous fictional character. “I also think he looks a lot like him,” Indraini cat owner Wahyudin Noor told Reuters. “But I must say that he is quite spoiled. He still wants to breed and cuddle,” he added.