“A missed opportunity”, believes Thomas Cazenave

The elected Macronist remains skeptical about the evolution of governance and the entry of the right into the office of the Metropolis

In the tumult currently traversed by the Metropolis of Bordeaux, it was question of the “case” Cazenave. In addition to the entry of the 11 right-wing mayors into the office, Socialist President Alain Anziani spoke on Wednesday of the presence of the presidents of political groups. Either the PCF and the Walkers. The Greens and the right opposed it.

Thomas Cazenave, LREM, underlines: “they are not able to agree on the projects of territory except to exclude the macronists. Having said that, he specifies: “no bargaining! Our vote for LGV was never conditioned but guided by the interests of our territory. I never got into this discussion. A jump seat at the office against such an important vote… This is not my view of things. When we believe in a project, we vote on it. “


Regarding this small revolution in progress, he sees it: “a missed opportunity for the transformation of governance. The PS and the Greens did not share the same vision. What do the new board members share with President Anziani? On mobility, on water management, they do not agree. “

He sees it as a zero-sum addition: “Eleven additional mayors, without powers. This will create a complexification. The governance of the metropolis is showing its breathless character. Since the start of my term of office, I have been defending the idea of ​​a metropolitan project, supported by the office. What is the project?… I don’t see how it can work. “